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Community Events

 Our bi-annual quilt show, Harvest of Quilts, raises funds to help offset the ongoing operational expenses of the Wray House, so we are able to use our house year round.  On the opposite year of our quilt show, we also hold a mini quilt show for the residents at Case Manor, to support their residences activity fund.

The Guild maintains The Quilts of the Kawartha Registry which helps register as many quilts that are found in or created in the Kawartha area.  The registry gives each quilt a lasting history by recording its history through written and photography.  Each quilt is given an identification label with a number. 

We also offer support to the village in their various fund raising events by manning the Wray House; donating a tree and decorating the house for Festival of Trees; hosting the Kawartha Registry at Settlers Day; quilting demonstrations at Harvest Festival.

 Throughout the years, the guild has taken on many outreach projects:

 Duggie Snugglers

This program was created for children involved in a traumatic situation or to mothers, newborns and young children in Women’s Shelters.  Duggie Snugglers was so named for a poor old teddy bear that was found in a bedroom of the Duggan House when it was moved to the Kawartha Settlers village. He was tattered and worn and is missing one eye. One of our Quilters said he needs a hug and someone to love. Therefore the idea of calling children’s quilts by this name was created. These quilts are constructed from cotton fabric that is donated to the Quilters. We provide the batting and the quilt back to produce these cuddle quilts.

Victoria's Quilts of Canada

Our Guild is a mini group that creates quilt tops for the Kawartha Victoria's Quilts chapter.  This program provides quilts to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation free of charge. These quilts help keep a person warm while dealing with their treatments. We make the quilt tops and then send the tops to Lindsay where they are backed with flannel, machined quilted.

For more information or to request a quilt, contact Victoria's Quilts.

Food Bank

At our monthly meetings, we collect donations for the local food bank and at Christmas time, we also ask members to donate toys, books, knitted and quilted items.

Women’s Resource Center

We collect and donate toiletries to the Women’s Resource Center for use in their safe houses.  They are especially welcomed as being an efficient and charming way to bolster self esteem in clients, who came from abusive situations and who will only be in the accommodation for a limited time.