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Wray House Photo Gallery

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The Wray House was built in 1855 on Hickory Beach Road near Fenelon Falls, by Joseph Wray.  It was passed down through the family for five generations, until in 1990 Russell Wray donated the house to the Kawartha Settlers’ Village. There is a genealogy book on the original owners/builders displayed in the main room of the Wray House.
In 1998, the quilters paid for the lifting and transportation from its original site to the Village.
Over the succeeding years, the Quilt Guild has held several fundraising events towards the costs of renovating and restoring the house for the quilters’ own use. Much of the work was done by the quilters themselves as well as their husbands. 
 As of 2004
, the guild has had the pleasure of using the house for their quilting bees, meetings and workshops.