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          In 1991, an article was placed in the local newspaper, asking for ladies that had an interest in quilting.  The meeting place would be the basement of the Henderson House at the Kawartha Settlers’ Village.  The two members of Settlers’ Village were pleasantly surprised when the basement of the house was filled! The group started meeting every Monday afternoon at the Henderson House. They began to work on the quilt fully stretched on a frame of 4 narrow boards clamped at the corners.  The quilt was tacked to the frame and they quilted their way to the middle by rolling the two ends pioneer style.

          The original guild formed in 1993 was called the “Kawartha Piecemakers Village Quilters” and the only prerequisite was a love for quilting with skills being taught.  In the fall of 1993 the first quilt show took place, set up and operated by only 12 guild members.  Settlers’ Village members and quilters’ husbands were also drafted into service. Since then the show has been held every two years giving the ladies time to create their quilted gems.

          Since 1994 and with a more distinctive name of “Settlers’ Village Quilters” the guild has taken on many community projects including “Duggie Snugglers” for children involved in a traumatic situation, making quilts for families who have lost their home due to tragic circumstances and assisting with fundraising for the Kawartha Settlers’ Village.  In addition, support for the Women’s shelter, food bank donations and adopting a family at Christmas continue to be a part of our mandate.

           In 1998, we needed to house shop for a place to call our own and the“Wray House” was soon under our loving care. It continues to be used for Village activities including the Haunted Village, Settler’s Days and the Festival of Trees.

           One of our proudest accomplishments was the Canada 2000 Quilt project.  We started advertising in 1997 for anyone to make a block exemplifying “What Canada Means to Me” and creativity and embellishments were wide open.   In addition they were to include a little write up about their blocks which were put into a binder.  With community involvement all the blocks came in and we had enough to make 3 panels. Our masterpiece commemorating Canada made it to the parliament building in Ottawa.   In summary, we have just celebrated our 20th year and many more pages can be added.  Lots of praise should go out to all those that have made this guild a success; the executive members, instructors, Wray house minders and to all those that were the glue to make us succeed. We remember all the members that have passed away as their presence is always with us.  Members who have moved away that still stay in touch with us are not forgotten.