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Please complete a separate set of forms for each quilt you are planning on registering.

The Quilts of the Kawartha Registry

The Registry is a joint project between the Kawartha Region Arts and Heritage Society and the Settlers' Village Quilters Quilting Guild.

Why a Quilt Registry?

We all know that quilting is one of oldest arts in existence.  Many people own quilts that have been in their families for generations.  If only these quilts could talk!

They can!  In their own way they can tell us many things.  They can tell us what colours of fabrics were popular at a certain time;  what kinds of materials were being used;  and what quilting patterns, blocks and appliques were the favourites.

It doesn't stop there!  If the quilt is signed or labeled, it can tell us who made the quilt and where it was made.  Even if it isn't signed or labeled, the owner may have a wealth of information about the quilter, particularly is she/he is an ancestor.

How do you register your quilt?

In 1995, a Registry Committee was formed under the direction of Anne Cleland and Pam Gray.  Individuals could make and appointment to bring quilts to KSV and/or the committee would go out to other locations.  From their inception, this committee has registered over 1000 quilts. 

Information forms will be completed and photos taken of the quilt and each quilt will be given its own registration number.   The owner will be given a numbered certificate and label for recording keeping.


Currently, quilts continue to be registered at the Wray House in KSV during Settlers' Day in June.   Please contact Judy Cameron at  to arrange to register your quilts  on Settlers' day or another convenient date. 

The Quilts of the Kawartha Registry will be a history of the quilts in the Kawartha area.  Hopefully the quilts will, in the end, tell the story of that same Kawartha area and of the people who have lived there in the past and who are living there now.

It is important to register as many heritage quilts as possible, however, new quilts should be registered as well. The quilts can be any size. Quilted wallhangings should also be registered.